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United States 

Polka Ass​ociation​

Polish Polka Music, Dancing and ​Entertainment​

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2022 U.S.P.A Awards

Summer Dance Schedules

History of the U.S.P.A.

Witamy! Welcome to the new home of the USPA. We are an organization dedicated to Polish Polka music and Polish traditions. We are based 

out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Chartered by the State of Connecticut as a not for profit corporation on the 28th day of December 1968, U.S.P.A. was chartered in the state of 

Ohio on the 27th day of April 1993.

Founder: Dick Pillar, President (1968-70); Ray Henry (1970-72); Clair E. (Woody) Collier (1972-74); Karen ?KJ? Robak (1974-80); Judy 

Spitak (1980-82); Allen Spitak (1982-89); Jean Wagner (1989-2002); Barb Haselow (2002 - Present).

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote interest and participation in Polish Polka music and polish traditions.

To advance the mutual interests and encourage greater cooperation among its members who are engaged in Polish Polka entertainment.

To encourage and pursue the study of Polish polka music and dancing.

Membership shall be open to any person whose ideals and purposes are in harmony with those of the U.S.P.A., and who pledges to observe and 

be governed by the Constitution-By-Laws and rules of the U.S.P.A.

You have the opportunity to meet other members who are involved and dedicated to make Polish polkas the best musical movement in the 

United States.

Get involved - join the excitement - be an important part of the U.S.P.A., express your views and desires at meetings where your ideas may be 

promoted by all the members for the good of the U.S.P.A.

Communication plus knowledge plus involvement equals unity and develops the spirit and enjoyment of participation in a mass move­ment 

dedicated to the future of polkas.

Henri Broze Judy Spitak September, 1974 Updated April 2003