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Bob Wolinski


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Posted 3/18/23

Rest in Peace Lenny Kapka.

So many great memories of dances and festivals with you playing bass. This pic of you smiling and having fun on stage could have been taken anytime in your career. I love that great Polka musicians like you were always willing to advise and mentor the future of Polka music.

Thank you and Godspeed.

Posted 2/19/23

Thank you to Old School and CPA/USPA for putting together a great night!


Posted 10-20-22

Polka Prayer Warriors, please pray for a dear family within our Polka family who are need of prayers, blessings and comfort.  I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the family or the incident at this time.  Just please know that there are friends in need of prayers right now.

Posted 8-13-22

Please pray for Tom. He is truly loved by many in our USPA Polka family and all who know him.

Posted 6/19/22

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads, young and older!!! Wishing you a terrific day of fishing, swilling or chilling!!!

God Bless You!

Posted 6/17/22

God must be needing more Polka music in Heaven. Fly with the angels, sing with your fellow Polka heroes, play it loud and proud Jersey Polka Richie!!!

Thanks for the music and the memories!

Posted 6/3/22

Someone is looking for interest in her Dad’s accordion. He had a band in the 40’s-50’s.

Her grandfather had it made for her Dad.


Posted 5/29/22

I would just like to personally and publicly thank my secret Campaign Manager, Laura Bruzdzinski Mateja. They say that one small act of kindness can change the world. Thank you, Laura, that means the world to me, and it confirms that I made the right decision. Thank you to Tom Lipchinsky for the pep talk last week, it truly helped me down this path. I appreciate the tremendous support from everyone.

The Team is ready to work for you!

Posted 5/29/22

Good Morning USPA Family!

Looks like Saturday was a rousing success!!! Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, some more than others! LOL

This morning I will be praying for all of you to have a happy healthy day filled with Polka Joy (yes, I said it for Richie Kois). God’s Blessings to you for attending our USPA festival, it means the world to us. Your smiles speak volumes. I pray that at the end of the weekend you travel safely back to your homes, or the next festival. Don’t forget about coming to the East coast for Ocean Beach Park Polka Days! Then you can head to Seven Springs, right Robin Pegg? If you can, check the schedule and hit all of the terrific festivals. Tis the Season!!! Good luck to your liver and tired dancing feet!

To John Gora, DynaBrass, Polka Family Band and Polka Country Musicians, just do what you do so well. Make these people wish this festival would last another 3 days!!! We leave them in your expert care for the final day of fun!!!

Thank you Les Kapuscinski for capturing every single moment as if you are in every place at the same time. Cannot wait to see the photos. Thank you for volunteering your time to record the memories we may have already forgotten.

To the USPA Team, keep them smiling. You’ve done a tremendous job with everything! Could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. Thank You!

As for the elections, whatever will be, will be.

I have enjoyed the past 5 months of planning, and compromising, and negotiating, and recovering from missteps. The USPA is a great Team to work for and with. The whole purpose is to promote Polka music and make you, the fans, happy! We might have done just that a few times this weekend. We may not please everyone, but the high road is so much better and has a better view. We have ignored the naysayers, and the whispers of negativity. Best wishes to those that still don’t like us.

We see the great potential in continuing wonderful Polish traditions, as well as, creating new Polka experiences, not just as USPA, but alongside our peers, the IPA and CPA, and other Polka loving groups. We see so many opportunities to work with Jammer, PNCR, Polkas After Dark and Polish Freight and Music Company. Afterall, the Polka Community is Family, Polka Family!

Stay safe. Be well. Love you all.

Gratefully yours,

Bob Wolinski

Posted 5/28/22

Congratulations to all of the USPA Award Winners!!!

2021 New Horizon Award: Chris Ebel

2021 IJ/DJ of the Year: Todd Zaganiacz

2021 Female Vocalist of the Year: Stacey Morris

2021 Male Vocalist of the Year: Wally Dombrowski

2021 Band of The Year: Polka Country Musicians

2020 Song of the Year: “The Girls Just Wanna Dance” by The DynaBrass

2021 Song of the Year: “Let It Beat” by The Beat

2020 Recording of the Year: “20/20 Polkas” by The DynaBrass

2021 Polka Recording of the Year: “The Reason” by The Beat

2022 President’s Award: Joanne Piotrowski

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award (Deceased): Barb Haselow

{Miss you Barb!!!}

Thank you for all of the time and hard work put forth by the winners, nominees and all of the bands and musicians and IJ/DJ celebrities in our great Polka Community!!! From small town halls to big festival venues, you all are talented professionals, and we thank you. The fans win because of your dedication.


Posted 5/28/22

Looks like a great time last night! Bands sounded terrific out here, didn’t even need Facebook! Haha....     Good luck to all the Award nominees! Congrats to Chris Ebel, you truly deserve the New Horizon Award.

God Bless our friend and leader Barb Haselow, as she spent a great deal of her life shaping what you are enjoying this weekend.

Have fun Polski Chix!!! Hope you sell all of your Brand New CDs today!

Today’s bands, Maestro’s Men, New Brass Express (also offering a “must-have music” CD), Tri-City Drive, The Boys and Polish Connection:  The bar has been set high, the fans got some good sleep and are well nourished. The people want some great music from Noon to 2am.

We know you can provide that energetic entertainment they want. Play hard and party hard!

Have a Super Saturday Session everyone!!!


Posted 5/26/22

Are you ready for some terrific fun, USPA style! Like Robin Pegg said, wait a bit on going to Springs, you’re wanted and needed in Independence this weekend. Bring your extra dancing shoes, along with your laughs and smiles!!! No extra luggage fees for carrying smiles onboard!

I hope everyone, is rested up from the workweek, and travels safely. No speeding tickets if driving, save that money for raffles and beer!

Be safe and have fun. Be kind to the USPA Team and Holiday Inn staff. They are there to help your experience.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support over these last 5 months, it has meant a great deal to us, me personally.

And now for the other 👠 drop:

It finally happened me, someone that survived so much at work and home and with relatives. Close contact, and the Covid symptoms, although light right now, are starting.

In order to protect you fine people, and the people on flights and at the hotel, I will not be attending this weekend. I made that terribly difficult decision today after learning of the contact last night, being up until 4am this morning, then picking up symptoms.

Everything is ready, the USPA Team are all professionals and you know your role is to have fun. Make USPA a special memory, and help us continue to make you smile.

Enjoy each moment together. After the first noted is played, the festival goes at warp speed.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and a terrific USPA Convention!!! Enjoy!!!

Love you Polka People.

Thanks for letting me contribute.


Posted 5/23/22

Countdown to USPA 2022!!!

Wanted to thank everyone that has offered well wishes, ideas and support as we overcame our extreme shock over the loss of our Dear Barb. She developed skills in each of us, that we needed to continue the tradition of the USPA Convention, Festival and Awards Banquet.

As the Convention approaches, we are happy to see so many people traveling near and far to attend this year. It's been since 2019, so crazy. Our goal - for you, our customer, to have a terrific weekend of friendship, community and great music!

As we come together, let us take a moment to remember what took all this away. We lost some very special people. That part made this all too real for us. Please be respectful of personal choice and personal space. Leave the religion and politics at home.

Some folks still want/need to wear a mask, others want a little extra distance. Some have important work to return to on Tuesday. Some have elderly family at our homes and in nursing homes. (Personally, I have a few of these items.)

The entire USPA Crew cannot wait to see each one of you!

God Bless you all. Safe travels to everyone. If driving, remember that playing waltzes in the car will keep you off the police radar!!!


Bob Wolinski