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United States 

Polka Ass​ociation​

Polish Polka Music, Dancing and ​Entertainment​

The Website to go to!

Thank You for Supporting the USPA !

Thank you!!

2022 U.S.P.A Awards

Summer Dance Schedules

Attention Polka Listeners:

*Starting Monday May 18th-send

  pictures, videos and comments

  listen live Uspa Home Edition

*Event begins Thursday of

  Memorial Day Weekend (May 21,

  2020) goes through Sunday

  (May 24, 2020) 

**Make sure your posts are relevant to        the U.S.P.A weekend and not of any            other functions.

**Schedule subject to change without notice

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U.S.P.A Polka 

Extravaganza & Mini- 


Uspa Home Edition is with Robin Pegg

We're getting closer....until we have the chance to be together ("Live" on line) to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend Celebration 2020 brought to you by the United States Polka Association. Robin Pegg along with Geri Chadwick will be entertaining everyone U.S.P.A Memorial Day Weekend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Robin Pegg and Geri Chadwick

Two Ways to Listen to the Uspa Home Edition 

Live Broadcasts:

1. "Facebook Live" (Robin Pegg's page) Send a request to

     this page

     Featured: Pictures from past U.S.P.A Conventions

     2018-19 compliments of Les Kapuscinski

2. Secure Website (URL)

     Click Here for Link


      "Excellent Quality" music anywhere you have an internet


       Any device- iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, Laptop,



Click Here for

Band Schedule & Prizes     


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Please Read this Before You Begin Posting!

In an effort to use this page as intended Do Not Post

Anything until the Event Begins on Thursday, May 21,

2020 through Sunday May 24, 2020.

If you attempt to post before the above specified dates, any and 

all postings will be removed And your privileges to this page 

will be revoked. Thank you for your cooperation.

**No Business Advertising or Promotional ADS Please!